[MG] Madman Gaming Solo Duo Trio - Rust Server

Status: Online
Version: 2051
Players: 0 / 250
Mapname: Procedural Map
Rating: 2 votes

– Follow the Solo| Duo |Trio Rules, No combining of teams or helping other teams.
– 1 Vac or game ban allowed if the ban is a year old.

– More than one Vac or Game ban you will be banned.

– No Hacking = Ban

– No Glitching = Warn =Ban

– No Rock Houses. Meaning, do not glitch into a Rock and build your home. = Ban

– Sexist, Racist, Homophobic or Prejudice comments or art will not be tolerated towards any player and will result in an instant ban.

– Swearing is allowed. But if Admin asks you to cool down with the language do it or risk being Kicked or even Banned.

– Do not wall off Rad towns warehouses or Caves they will be removed

– Speak English. This is a US Server

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