Rusty Planet|3X|Kits|Clans|TP|QCraft|QSmelt|Events|Rewards|Mont - Rust Server

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Status: Offline
Version: 2000
Players: 0 / 0
Mapname: Procedural Map
Rating: 1 votes

Welcome to Rusty Planet!

- 3X gather, 1/3 Smelt time, and 1/3 Craft time
- Kits, Clans, TP/Home, and Live Map
- 5 x Airdrops and 5 x Helicopters at 9 PM EST
- Events, airstrikes, meteor showers
- Bounty system, Economics, Server Rewards, and Karma system
- Realistic Weather, Voting Rewards, Longer corpse duration, and triggered explosives

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