Streetz of Los Santos Roleplay [SA-MP 0.3.8 RC4] - San Andreas Multiplayer Server

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Version: 0.3.8-RC4-1
Players: 0 / 0
Mapname: Los Santos
Rating: 527 votes

The Streetz of Los Santos™ is the first and only San Andreas: Mutli-Player roleplay server based on the story line and concept of the original game. Delivering fun, doubtlessly.

With our lively community, 10 years of success and gangster roleplay that you've seen nowhere else, you would surely be amazed and love having that 90's feel while roaming around Los Santos with your homies.

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    Lion Guest 18.12.2017 в 16:27
    This is one of the best SA:MP server and we've released the 0.3.8 update for the server!! YOU SHOULD COME AND S TART PLAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SpiderLoc Guest 25.07.2017 в 09:07
    I enjoy playing here.

    zeeD Guest 17.06.2017 в 15:55
    Furniture system released!

    DiZzLe User 8.05.2017 в 12:10
    Thank you for commenting, visit us at: and keep voting! ✌

    guest Guest 25.04.2017 в 19:12

    mishakonsta User 18.04.2017 в 16:14
    It's a really best roleplay server for San Andreas Multiplayer

    Bolth Guest 8.04.2017 в 01:45

    Lion Guest 7.04.2017 в 13:35
    This is one of the best GTA SAMP servers

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