PHP JSON Server API - Server info on your website

Need to export server info on your PHP website? You can use SeeGaming PHP JSON Server API
1. First you need to connect your server info via PHP:

YOUR_SERVER_ID_HERE - your server id (

2. And now you can use server info params

ip - IP Adress
port - Port
game - Game
status - Server status (1 - Online | 0 - Offline)
hostname - Server Name
mapname - Map name
players - Players
maxplayers - Max Players
record - Online Record
weburl - Server website
lastconnect - Last connect time
version - Server Version
rating - Server Rating (num votes)
comment1, comment2, comment3 - Last server reviews
author1, author2, author3 - Server reviews authors
playersgraph - Players online stats array
timesgraph - Players online stats array (time)

How to use: (Example)

Sample code (Use your server id in YOUR_SERVER_ID):

It's looks like this (with your server information):
Server Name: Game Server Name
Version: 1.5
Online: 50 / 200 players
Online record: 174
Last connection: 11.22.2016 00:00
Rating: 123 votes