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It's a rating of multiplayer gaming servers and popular games.
Vote for your favorite servers, search a server by versions, genres and categories

Server rating calculated by total ammount of this server votes & VIP
1st Server (Server votes 100. VIP - Yes)
2nd Server (Server votes 50. VIP - Yes)
3rd Server (Server votes 150. VIP - No)
4th Server (Server votes 100. VIP - No)
Game rating calculated by servers ammount on this game & rating of this gaming servers.
1st Game - SAMP (Total SAMP servers - 100. Total rating of the SAMP servers - 9000 votes)
2nd Game - MTASA (Total Rust servers - 90. Total rating of the MTASA servers - 9000 votes)
3rd Game - Rust (Total Rust servers - 90. Total rating of the RUST servers - 4000 votes)
If your server already registered - you need to "Verify this server"
Enter in your server name this code [id]ID_YOUR_ACCOUNT_ON_MONITORING[/id] (Enter your account id), and wait to next servers cache update.
Or you can send request to Technical Support.
You can promote your server to get more players
To promote your server, go to Services page