Server API - Gaming Server info on website

Need to export server info on your website? You can use SeeGaming Server API
If you need to use API via PHP (JSON) - go to SeeGaming PHP JSON Server API
Server API Documentation:
1. You need to copy to your website header (< head>) this code:

YOUR_SERVER_ID - your server id (

2. And now you can use server info params

ip - IP Adress
port - Port
game - Game
status - Server status (1 - Online | 0 - Offline)
hostname - Server Name
mapname - Map name
players - Players
maxplayers - Max Players
record - Online Record
weburl - Server website
lastconnect - Last connect time
version - Server Version
rating - Server Rating (num votes)

How to use: (Example)

Sample code (Use your server id in YOUR_SERVER_ID):

It's looks like this (with your server information):
Server Name: Game Server Name
Version: 1.5
Online: 50 / 200 players
Online record: 174
Last connection: 11.22.2016 00:00
Status: Online
Rating: 123